Our Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger Flying Display Smaller

What would a pirate crew be without their very own Jolly Roger? The flag currently flown by Pirates for Sail was designed in the summer of 2015 by Ship’s Vexillologist Black Dog Nate.

“After many years, we decided it was time for a new Jolly Roger to represent Pirates for Sail as a unique entity, and to express how we’ve grown since our humble beginnings. After much discussion and many rounds of revision, this flag is the result.

The centerpiece of the flag is the classic skull, an indication that wherever we may go and whatever we may do, we are pirates first and above all else. The skull has a crack in the crown, in recognition of the fact that anyone would have to be a bit cracked in the head to go out and do what we do. Most importantly, the skull is wearing a patch over its left eyesocket, a tribute to our beloved crewmate One-Eyed Mike, who lost his own left eye in a swordfight years ago. As we are, to my knowledge, the only pirate band with a member who has lost an eye in that fashion, we decided it was only fitting to honor One-Eye’s sacrifice in the design of our Roger.

Below the skull are a blunderbuss and cutlass, because no self-respecting pirate goes anywhere unarmed, whether with weaponry or wits.

Finally, the skull and weapons are flanked by a tankard and a ferret, representing the name of the Drunken Ferret, our long-lost ship.”

For those of you who find this sort of thing interesting, and with thanks to Lady Adriana Michaels and Lady Isolda de Crosthwaite of the Barony of Dun Carraig for their assistance, here is the heraldic blazon of the Jolly Roger of Pirates for Sail:

Sable a death’s-head Argent affronty with cracked crown its sinister socket absconded by a patch Sable, above a cutlass in bend dexter surmounted of a blunderbuss in bend sinister, in fess, all between a tankard its handle dexter and a ferret rampant, all Argent.