Lucky Annie LeBlanc

Lucky Annie LeBlanc“Lucky” Annie earned her moniker as a pickpocket in London. After her French father left her English mother, her mother succumbed to a broken heart (and dysentery), leaving Annie to fend for herself by joining a loosely-knit group of street children. She quickly learned how to relieve upstanding gentlemen of their excess wealth, earning instant respect from her companions.

One day, though, when Annie was about eight years old, while trying to cut the purse of a rather well-dressed gentleman, he grew wise to her actions and began to give chase. Annie took off running toward the docks and hid in a storage crate. A couple of terrified hours later, she succumbed to sleep in her hiding spot…and awoke to find herself at sea, on a pirate ship!

Her luck had returned, for this was the pirate ship captained by the legendary Molly the Crympe, who took pity on the unwitting stowaway and let her become an apprentice to the ship’s aging cook. Today, the ravishing wench “Lucky” Annie keeps the crew well-fed, and when they’re on shore leave, occasionally plies her former trade to supplement their income.


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