Nathanial “Gute” Morgan

Nathanial 'Gute' Morgan

A descendant of the famous buccaneer Sir Henry Morgan, Nathanial Morgan was born in 1700 in Cardiff, Wales, the second of seven children of a Welsh father and an English mother. In 1715, fleeing poverty, he signed on as cook’s mate and musician aboard a merchantman sailing for the American Colonies. At some point during the voyage, the ship was captured by pyrate Benjamin Hornigold, who invited the merchant crew to join his crew of pyrates. Most of the merchant crew, including Morgan, agreed, fearing death if they declined the invitation.

Aboard, Hornigold’s ship, Morgan met pyrates Black Sam Bellamy and Edward Teach. Thus began an illustrious pyrate career, in which Morgan served with such notable scoundrels as Charles Vane, Calico Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Bartholomew Roberts, James Flynt, John Silver, and of course Molly the Crympe and the crew of the Drunken Ferret.

He is said to have earn the nickname of “Gute” Morgan when he killed a German ship captain and told him to have a “bloody guten morgan”.

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