The Crew

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[Currently a work in progress, not all bios are posted, check back for more!]


“Sly Finn” Kestrel







Black Dog Nate



“Black goes with everything… sooner or later.”






“The power of voodoo. Who do? I do!”



One-Eyed Mike



“It’s still all fun and games!”



Lassie Lyons






Maggie O’Malley







Brewmaster Shortbeard

In Memoriam

Azure Skye

Sandra Gilbert-Everett
June 12, 1947 – October 10, 2011
Beloved wife, mother, counselor, chest wench and friend
“Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there ~ I did not die.”

-Mary E. Frye


    The crew of the Drunken Ferret includes:

  • Michael Couey as One-Eye’d Mike
  • April Fuhrer as Finnian “Finn” Kestrel
  • Paul Grodt as Maesire Rackham
  • Brian Hamilton as Higgs the Bosun
  • Jenesta Matthews as Chanté
  • Kathy Michau as Captain Molly the Crympe
  • Tim Michau as “The Last Mate”
  • Daniel Paytas as Brewmaster Shortbeard
  • Nathan Rosen as Black Dog Nate
  • Sarah Stepanik as Lassie Lyons
  • Rachel Tenhoff as Maggie O’Malley

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