The Crew of the Drunken Ferret

Finnian Kestrel : Captain

Finnian Kestrel


"Son, when I die, I'll be the waves crashing by your side."

Tanya Hyde : Bo's'n

Tanya Hyde


"Wrangling ferrets: Not just a job. An adventure."

Lassie Lyons : Ship's Fiddler

Lassie Lyons

Ship's Fiddler

"Enough talk. Time for stabbing."

Shortbeard : Ship's Mandolineer


Ship's Mandolineer

"Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?
Because they spend months at C."

Paddy McFooglemoogle : Ship's Skunk Cabbage Farmer

Paddy McFooglemoogle

Ship's Skunk Cabbage Farmer

"When have I ever backed down from a bad idea?"

Maggie O’Malley : Ship's Cook

Maggie O’Malley

Ship's Cook

"Do that again, and I'll gut ye like a particularly smelly fish."

Chanté : Ship's Enchantress


Ship's Enchantress

"The power of voodoo. Who do? I do!"

One-Eyed Mike :  Ship's Cyclops

One-Eyed Mike

Ship's Cyclops

"It's still all fun and games!"

Seymour Staines : Chief Engineer

Seymour Staines

Chief Engineer

"I'll run a sound check as soon as I'm done petting this kitten."