About Us

Pirates for Sail (the crew of the Drunken Ferret) offers entertainment ranging from scurvy pirates invading your party, taking over and swearing all aboard into our crew, to live music with our Drunken Ferret T’barnacle Choir, to a movable faire featuring period music, fire spinning, period firearms demonstrations, general piracy (including history and skits) and, for the kids, face painting and treasure hunts. Or any combination of the above.

We can provide up to 12 pirates with any or all of the specialties mentioned above – we can customize our shows to your entertainment needs and doubloon requirements. If you want to try something a bit different at your next event, whether for children or adults, on land or by sea, for a few of the brave of a thousand of the faithful, we can provide for any piracy you’ll be needing!


Drunken Ferret FAQ

Ye’ve got questions? We’ve got answers! …But seein’ as how we are pirates, yer just gonna have t’trust us that they’re accurate!

  • Pirates are all about parrots and peg legs! So what is all this “Drunken Ferret” business?

    • We are the Drunken Ferrets, crewmembers of the good ship Drunken Ferret, a two-mast’d ten gun Sloope! …Or perhaps a three-mast’d twenty gun Galleon. Use yer imagination, that’s what we do.

      We believe she was lost in a storm somewhere in the Caribbean. …Or was she sunk by a Man o’ War off the coast of Madagascar? Most likely run aground in Nabbs Creek off the Chesapeake Bay. Who knows? We weren’t entirely coherent at the time…

      And if ye be wonderin’ why we went and named our ship the Drunken Ferret, t’is quite simply because of our love of rum and the fact that our Captain and Last Mate raise ferrets. They’re good fer catchin’ rats aboard ship! Perhaps ye’ve seen our mascot, Captain Jack Ferret.

      In any event, such be the origins of the Drunken Ferret: a stout ship, a sturdy ship…a sunken ship.


  • Do you perform at birthdays/graduation parties/bar mitzvahs/bat mitzvahs/weddings/funerals/etc.?

    • Aye, that we do! Any excuse fer celebration! If yer interested in bookin’ some pirates, drop us a line!


  • Would you perform at our charity event?

    • Possibly! We have been known to donate our services fer a worthy cause, so feel free to contact us. We may be scoundrels and ne’er-do-well cads, but we do have hearts! Well…maybe not the Last Mate, but that’s still unconfirmed rumor.


  • Is it true that One-Eyed Mike really only has one eye? And that he lost it in a sword fight?

    • Yes and yes. Just ask him to lift up the patch…but be sure to tip him first (or buy him a drink)! That’s called Pirate Health Care.


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