Don’t Mind the Wind or the Raging Sea in Fells Point

Some may say that it’s a bad omen to have one’s first performance of the season cancelled due to severe weather, but those people must not have been in Fells Point last Saturday.

Sure, those of us who braved the rain and gales to get there early were disappointed to get the word that the Beer Garden had died before it ever lived (a casualty to be mourned, even for those like myself who prefer not to imbibe in that particular form of alcohol). There may have even been several utterances of words that should probably not be repeated here. But what do pirates do when the weather’s rough? They take over the nearest pub and do whatever the bloody hell they like, that’s what!

And so we did. We had a damn good party with every pirate who would party with us through the downpour outside, be they fellow performers who’d traveled a long ways to have their respective stages replaced by a corner of the Greene Turtle, old friends and new who’d decided to brave the storm for a pirate invasion, or just the inebriated bilge rats who’d been drinking since the Pirate Ball the night before and didn’t notice that anything had gone awry in the plans.

Here’s to making the most out of a bad situation! …And telling Calypso to sod off.