Finn’s Log

Shipdate: 4576565478, and a third

Our mission: To boldly row where no man has rowed before.

Established for two years now aboard our sunken ship, and about to set sail for Rock Hall. Flint hands a quill and says to me, “Eh Finn, go on and write something.” Seeing as how I’m one of those rare literate pirate types, and as how mostly the crew be shouting, “Shuddup Finn!”, “Someone Shuddup Finn”, or “For the love of Pete, Stop Talking!”, I decided to have my say after all.

Rock Hall. As usual for festivals and such the crew will set up an encampment, rove the streets, and provide entertainment (quality guarantee increases 10% with each mug of grog). I’ve heard rumors of great pubs, great acts, and a pirates’ ball. We’ll also get to stomp around with our good friends The Brigands, a group I’ve sourly missed this past year. All good fun to be had I am sure.

This is my first entry, let me set the bar now.

I hereby make a sincere oath to neglect to update often, write about nothing of interest, bore and/or annoy you, and expect you to crave more.

Have you ever wondered why most fans/co-performers call us Ferrets?


A: A small furry creature that steals, smells, and leaves your crap all over the place.

B: A big furry creature, that steals, smells, and leaves your crap all over the place.

Ok, so technically the ship is the ferret, but seeing as how we lack a ship, we’re all acting as our own ship for now. Also, methinks that shouting “Hey Ferret!” is a bit easier on the tongue than “Hey random crew member of Pirates for Sail whose name I can’t remember cuz I’m too far in the cups to remember my own!” Likewise, ferrets are quite cuddly, which if you’ve the coin you’ll find many of us are (sans Fast Fingers who may stab you…or Maia will stab you, either way there will be a stabbing). On second thought, give him a snuggle or two, just for the fun of it. Everyone loves a good stabbing.

Going to lay on the deck with coins over her eyes just for the fun of it.