Help Haiti… By Buying Our CDs! how to get your ex back

I'm turning this post over to the good folks at CD Baby, who do such a stand-up job selling our music online:

The earthquake and its aftermath in Haiti have touched all of our lives. Many in the CD Baby family have already contributed as individuals, but we wanted to do more to help the victims of the horrible earthquake tragedy.

Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, we will donate $1 of our cut from every CD sale through our website, and $1 from every download sale over $8.99 on our site, to the American Red Cross and to Mercy Corps, a Portland-based relief organization with a large presence in Haiti. With your help, we hope to raise tens of thousands of dollars.

That's it, really. If you buy one of our discs, or a disc by one of the thousands of other fine artists on CD Baby, $1 for each CD will go straight to Haiti relief. Sounds good for all involved.

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