Finally some peace!

Much of the crew is at some wench’s birthday affair. Now I can rest. Can’t turn your back on those pirates for a moment, and I can only wave my chickenfoot around but so many times before I tire of it and shove them off the ship. Must admit though, the foot is good for things like Black Dog’s “ketchup incident”. That event was worth his weight in rum!

Now I can get to work. The spirits contacted me for the first time since I left the island! They said I should head home. My mother and the others at the runaway slave camp are preparing an all-out assault on the plantation. It’s no problem to take my leave for a time since crew doesn’t need my help to drink, sleep and sink. The men spend all their loot in houses of ill-repute and the women keep getting kicked out of Irish pubs.

I found the perfect ship. She’s named the L.C.S.W. (silly name for a ship!) and I intend to steal her when she reaches land. Must hire men and buy rations, so I’ll have to do tarot readings again to get money (and get close to coin purses.) I’ll practice on the crew before I go to the pubs. Hopefully one or two will volunteer. If I have to force them, it’ll be hard to work with all that wailin’ going on.