iTunes be ours now!

Ahoy there, groupies and groupers! Want to listen to yer favorite pirate band without all that messing about with CDs (or, y’know, comin’ to see us)? Now ye can, on account of both our albums can be found on iTunes! Download ’em early and often, at the bargain price of $9.99 apiece! Ye can even download the tracks individually for a mere 99 pence, but I don’t know why ye’d want to. Take a gander this-a-way.

A Shot Across the Bow Pirates For Sail - A Shot Across the Bow
Band on the Rum Pirates For Sail - Band On the Rum

So come and buy! If you already own a copy, buy another, or at least write us a nice review. We like that. And make sure ye tells yer friends and family, too. Do it because ye love us, but mainly because we’re full of rum and heavily armed.