Ahoy, world!

Flint’s Log.


Y’know, when I joined this crew, I was warned that the ship had a bad habit of getting stuck in the mud with surprising frequence. What they didn’t tell me was that the mud tends to be about 40 fathoms down on average and there’s a bloody lot of swimmin’ fer one’s life involved.

Either way it was beautiful out today and I had some time, so I decided to conduct Salvage Operation #6352635etceteraetcetera. Could have sworn I hooked the hull, the blasted thing was heavy and I struggled with the equipment. Finally broke the surface…and it was just one of One-Eye’s boots. Could tell it was his because it actually looked in better shape than last I saw it…and by that I mean it was cleaner.

“No Flint,” they said! “You can’t fish for a ship,” they said! Well at least I attempted to do something, unlike some lazy pirates. God forbid I amuse m’self.

It’s not fair! They never let me have any bloody fun ’round here! I’m not allowed to dance (crew vote), not allowed to run off with crowds of people running in one direction (despite it being freezin’ and rainin’ and the only way to warm m’self up and steal both an umbrella and a bunch of wallets at the same time), not allowed to salvage the ship with a fishin’ rod… Nag nag nag.

…On the bright side, ‘least with that boot gone I’ll have made the fish taste that much less like feet.