Virginia Rennaisance Festival 2009

It was a long and sometimes very damp weekend, but the crew ran loose at VARF and got to perform for pirates, peasants, merchants, nobles and Queens alike! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I even made us Minstrels to the Queen herself! Though official minstrels or not, we shall always be Her Majesty’s Privateers for Sail.

Ye old shoutouts must go to Letter of Marque, Son of Strum, The Pyrates Royale, Calico Jenny and the Shire minstrels fer their bloody brilliant performances!

What we learned:

  • Geese are the pirates of the avian world, because they’ll attack ye and steal yer booty.
  • We can make the Queen cry and not get hung…twice!
  • Meteorologists should be keelhauled.
  • No one expects the Ferret Inquisition!
  • The proper Wild Rover callback:
    “And it’s no, nay, neveeeeeer!”
    “No nay never, no moooore!”
    “Will I plaaaaay the Wild Roveeeer!”
    “No neveeeer, no mooooore!”
  • Gute’s bologna has a first name…
  • Jimmy Buffett has “Parrotheads”, but we have “Ferretheads”!
  • There is no such thing as too much bacon.
  • Ye never have the cash to buy hundreds of ping-pong balls when ye really want to.