Unicity Performing Arts Festival 2009

Last Saturday (5/16), Pirates for Sail took over and promptly rocked the Emerging Artist stage at the Unicity Performing Arts Festival…to the excitement of the crew, the confusion of the MC, and the acceptance of a crowd mixed with pirate enthusiasts, drinking song enthusiasts, and people who probably just saw us wandering around and showed up out of a morbid sense of curiosity.

What we learned:

  • There’s never a bloody Tilt-A-Whirl when ye need one.
  • Pirates like to swing…in every sense of the word.
  • The “water” is fantastic.
  • An adult gifts shop and an Egyptian cotton bedsheets shop tie as strangest performance festival vendor.
  • Being armed doesn’t increase yer chances of getting into the bounce castle.
  • Ninjas? HAH! Pirates are the masters of drunken karaoke!

Next up for us? The Virginia Rennaisance Faire!